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Powerpoint Presentation Slides Posted

The powerpoint presentation slides are now available on the download page

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Second Edition Now Available!

The second edition is finally back from the printer! Buy it from your local bookstore, or online from

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Team Fortress 2: Halloween 2011 Update Released

The very scary Halloween update has been released. A new terrifying boss, MONOCULUS, roams the new map, the Eyeaduct! Collectible Halloween loot. Read the new comic, the bombinomicon!! Control point enabled. Get going!

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Interpolation and Control System Tricks, Part 1: Signals and Systems

This post is the first in a series on a group of related tricks we can file under the category of “interpolation” or “control systems.” This can seem very abstract, but there’s a reason: it’s applicable in so many different … Continue reading

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Team Fortress 2 Manniversary update released!

The Manniversary update has been released for Team Fortress 2! The TF2 store is one year old! (Which is about six months longer than I’ve been working on the game.) Read about it on the TF2 blog.

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Detecting Whether Two Convex Polygons Overlap

In a previous post I described how to tell whether two axially aligned bounding boxes (AABB’s) intersected. The solution was presented as a process of elimination: if box A is to the left of B, to the the right of … Continue reading

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Detecting Whether Two Boxes Overlap

Questions asked on job interviews also make for interesting blog post topics. (And very rarely, they are also practical!) This post discusses one of my favorite interview questions: “How can you tell if two axially-aligned 2D boxes intersect?” The adjective … Continue reading

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2nd Edition Coming In September

Preorder it right now!

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