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Detecting Whether Two Boxes Overlap

Questions asked on job interviews also make for interesting blog post topics. (And very rarely, they are also practical!) This post discusses one of my favorite interview questions: “How can you tell if two axially-aligned 2D boxes intersect?” The adjective … Continue reading

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Composing Rotations

Here’s why programmers don’t need to remember the details of rotating around an arbitrary axis: Rotations are closed under composition. All you need to do is compose rotations around the object’s cardinal axes.

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Vectors Just Want To Be Free

Remember, while we may draw vectors at a particular position (for example with their tails at the origin), they really don’t have a sense of place. All they have is a magnitude and a direction. If you’re unclear on the … Continue reading

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Lecture Notes Being Alpha Tested

I have lecture notes for all except the last 3 chapters, but I’m not quite ready to release them yet. I’m alpha-testing them in my Game Math and Physics class (see to make sure that they’re just right. More … Continue reading

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2nd Edition Coming In September

Preorder it right now!

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