Interpolation and
Control Systems
This page contains content related to my GDC 2021 talk Getting There in Style: Intro to interpolation and Control Systems.

Misc links

More info on "gadget" functions that remap the unit interval:
Here's a neat example of using an under-damped system to give something some personality.

The Unity function Mathf.SmoothDamp implements a critically-damped PD controller.

Daniel Holden has a great blog post that covers a lot of the same material in my talk.

The dynamics chapter in my book has some info on spring forces. It has explicit functions of time for undamped, critically-damped, and undamped systems.

Timed Transitions

Compare various methods of timed transitions. Click on the canvas to set the target position. If a transition is not already active, it is started. Click and drag while the transition is active to see how the method reacts to the target position changing while the transition is active.

The javascript source for the transitions is here.
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Control Systems